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Hospitalised for Blood Clot from Paper Cut | Facebook Video Comedy

Here’s a video joke on a Facebook page. Enjoy. Leave comments.

Forgiveness sets You free video

This is one of the many videos sent to me. Shared in the interest of the public, to help you in your emotional health journey this year. Leave your comments.

Don’t know this lady is, Pushie Watson, but she’s speaking truth. Forgiveness is liberating.

Trending – A President Refusing Election Results Video comic

You need to see this. We didn’t create this video but it’s trending now. Whoever created this is a visual genius and could be snapped up by a high tech company right away. Video by First World News, created by PaulEeTeeks.. Briliant. Please leave your comments below.

A president is forced out. How do they create videos like this? Comic. Credit: First World News, PaulEeTeeks

The public send us these public interest videos and cartoons for others to see because they are trending on social media. Send your videos to info@thestoryaddict.org

Paternity Nigeria – Oscar is not your dad on the Jeremy Kyle Show UK


A young man contacted the Jeremy Kyle Show UK, to request for a DNA test to be carried out on him. Apparently, his mum had phoned him from Nigeria to reveal that Oscar is not his dad. Meanwhile Oscar had invested his whole life in this “parenthood”, believing that he has one child who happens to be a boy.

Oscar is Igbo. Most Nigerian families and tribes believe they must have a male child in order to continue the family lineage. So, this revelation is not going to be easy. Jeremy Kyle Show has conducted the DNA to determine paternity. The result? Watch. Judge for yourself. The debate about paternity is a debate for now. Leave your comments below. Thank you.

Paternity – Oscar is not your dad, shock, as Nigerian man is told.
Jeremy Kyle Show UK

Capitol Hill Insurgence Leaves One Woman Dead Video


Please, watch this video. I’m so distraught. Watch very carefully.

President Elect Joe Biden who will be inaugurated on 20 January 2021 as President of USA, has called out Donald Trump, outgoing president and loser of 2020 elections. Image: Live Screen Capture. News by Fox

In my opinion, this is why people need to be careful before they start a war. This woman appeared to have been targeted and shot, otherwise, she got the shot meant for someone else..

Video by owner JAYDENX

Whatever the case may be, it was a clear shot with pinpoint accuracy. Aimed. Fired. Hit. Or shall I say, Targeted, Triggered, Target hit…

Cartoon Image Credit Unknown

I’m very upset that there was no need for this woman to have followed Donald Trump and his lies to her grave. Children will be left without a mother. A husband without a wife. A future, cut short. I’m furious. May her soul rest in peace.

Trump Family Watching and Celebrating Attack on Police and Capitol Hill Congress Building by Pro-Trump Supremacist Evangelicals

Happiness as terrorises civilians working for America inside Capitol Hill ran for dear lives as Pro-Trump home grown terror group invaded
Watching from the safety of television screens, as foot soldiers tackle American Police. One black officer was reported to have been chased up the building by attacking mob supporters.

President Trump overseeing the destruction of America’s Capitol Hill Building, and the attack on Police – Video |The Story Addict

President Donald J Trump, the outgoing 45th President of America is seen in this leaked video, watching and celebrating the attack on America’s Capitol Hill Congress Building yesterday, 6th January 2021, as the Electoral College votes were being counted..

Donald Trump present to oversea the damage to property, terror to lives and death of American citizens.

President Donald Trump can be seen presiding over the chaos remotely, by watching on television, as he is surrounded by Family and Handlers. Some can be seen in laughter and dance as the Pro-Trump White Supremacist Christian Evangelicals openly attack the American Police, to gain access into the Congress Building.

Dancing to celebrate the invasion of Capitol Hill Building during the counting of Electoral College votes.

Some officers were injured in the fray that caused multiple criminal damage, while one woman appeared to have died during attack. As at today, Thursday 7 January, there appear to be reports of four (4) persons dead, with some injured and some arrests made.

Earlier yesterday, Donald Trump had made a Speech addressing his supporters in what appeared to be a “coded” message, apparently, “instructing”, “directing” or “goading” his supporters to go to the Capitol Building to wreak havoc and cause criminal damage. They did just that, and people died. This appears to be an extension of his command, “Stand Back Guys, and Stand By”. Trump appears to understand fully, the implications of what he is doing, and is very much in control of this crowd.

The Black Lives Matter protesters or Muslim groups did not appear to be involved in the mayhem, as they did not appear to be on the scene. Many stayed at home, awaiting results of the Electoral College, and were shocked as the horror unfolded, witnessed by the whole world.

Since the Presidential election, which Trump lost to President elect Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris, since last year, America’s 45th president, has openly accused his own fellow citizens, without any evidence, of fraudulent conduct at this election, in any State where he lost, including states run by his Republican Party. The other states where he won, were not considered by Trump and his lawyers and Pro-Trump civilian army, as fraudulent.

President Donald J Trump, watching the havoc he created.

Trump continued to tweet and make public declarations to his supporters, to make them believe that he was “defrauded” and the election was “stolen”, while he continued to fundraise for a dubious lawsuit to challenge the results. His Twitter account has been suspended. Facebook has consistently hounded anyone who made posts to correct this president’s inaccurate statements, many of whose accounts were blocked or restricted. It appeared that Facebook was unwilling to act, until Twitter took action against the President of America for this unpredictable and unprecedented level of assault on the American people.

The sign says, “The Best is YET to Come”. Perhaps another “Coded message” for more mayhem. Pro-Trump activists had promised “civil war” and “citizens arrests” claiming to be “like the Marines”.

The attack on the Capitol Hill Building yesterday, was said to be an “insurrection” by top politicians. The video received by The Story Addict clearly show that the Trump family were jubilating that American citizens turned themselves into uncontrollable local and national terrorists.

Happy: America’s Capitol Hill Building is attacked and almost brought to its knees by the Presidential “Godfather’s terror gang.

It is not clear what would have happened yesterday, if these had been black people protesting. The blacks protesting the open extra-judicial killing of George Floyd, were tagged “facists” by this president.

Ireland Republic Police Shot Dead Young African male George Nkencho on 2020 New Year’s Eve


RIP…. So, this young man was shot by Irish police, just one day to end of this stressed up year…

George Nkencho, who was shot in Dublin Ireland by officers of An Gardai Siochiana

Yesterday, 30th December 2020, this young man, George Nkencho, was extrajudicially killed in Dublin by an officer of the Irish Police (An Garda Siochana).

Apparently, he displayed a Knife.
Threatened Gardai with the knife.
Then, he went home………..

They caught up with him at home.
And…… they shot him….. dead!!

For, whatever the reason was…
That’s the story

Let me explain why Nigerians, Africans, in Ireland are pained….

In Ireland, we DO NOT have Police Officers…… No. We don’t.

Our Ireland Republic is the Island of a thousand welcomes.
The majority of Irish people of Ireland are a friendly people. Welcoming and kind, overall.

An Garda Siochana: Republic of Ireland’s “Guardians of the Peace”.
Image: Wikipedia

So, we have NO police. We even have community uniformed officers who are church members, friendly, that we liaise with for community cohesion ….

Integration is the bedrock of the Irish society….

What we have are GUARDIANS OF THE PEACE of the State…

An Gardai Siochana means, in short, “Guardian of the Peace”…


How is it possible to discharge as much as ONE deathly Firearm, in State that upholds Peace, at Tax Payers’ expense…. worst still, in a person’s home, and kill him, right there, in front of his parents..

Death…, right there, at his own doorstep…

A knife wielding youth, African.
Against Many gun carrying, trained, uniformed officers.

How? How could this happen??

Painful also, is that, the young man, my have Mental Health issues…

How do we tell that family “Happy New Year”, when their pain just started again..? Hmmmm.

Ebony People Support Group

I was locked out of Aso Rock because i refused to “play ball” – Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The erudite Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
Twitter profile image.

GRAFT: I was locked out of Aso Villa because I refused to play ball
~ Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala recently narrated how she was embarrassed, and kicked out of the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

She also narrated that she was further embarrassed when she fixed a meeting between then President Goodluck Jonathan, and the head of the International Moneyary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde at the Villa.

The former finance minister who made this known during an event preceding the signing of the book, ‘Fighting Corruption is Dangerous: The Story Behind the Headlines’ in Washington DC, lamented that all these happened because of her stance against a policy that was being used to siphon government funds.

Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Image: R4D Board Member

She said, ”About six weeks into the implementation in early December 2011, I received a message that a top ranking presidential aide wanted me to stop by his office any time I was in the Villa. The Villa is the equivalent of the White House.

This official was one of the important aides in the Villa. So, I went to his office the next day.

“The presidential aide told me that he wanted to convey a message to me that there were people not happy with the port reforms especially the abolishment of the Cargo Tracking Note.

And he asked me, indeed advised me to reinstate it. I was dismayed because the fact that the matter has been brought to his attention meant that whoever the unhappy people were, they were influential. I explained the genesis of the port reforms, the situation of the presidential task force and the approvals for action given by the president.

By implementing the reforms measures we were just carrying out the presidential approvals. He said he understood but that I should nevertheless find a way to reinstate the Cargo Tracking Note.

“I left his office very troubled. Being on the wrong side of people who had this kind of top level influence made me uneasy. I knew there could be consequences but I also knew that there was no going back on these important reforms.

Clearly the $6 million from the Nigerian Ports Authority from the Cargo Tracking Note not being remitted to the treasury must be going into some influential pockets.

https://www.ted.com/talks/ngozi_okonjo_iweala_want_to_help_africa_do_business_here?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala- TED 2007 talk

The morning after meeting with the presidential aide, the consequences began to become clear. I was privileged that part of my daily routine was to join the president and his family and his few close friends in Christian fellowship and morning prayers in the residential complex of the Villa.

It was a way to gain strength for each difficult day. The prayer normally began at 6am so by 5:45am every day, I arrived at the Villa gate I was routinely waved in.

That morning the gates remained firmly shot as I drove up and I was told I could not go in. Taken back I asked why, all I could get as a response was that the gate keepers had received instructions not to let me in for morning prayers. I began to argue but realizing that it was fruitless, I returned home. At that point I felt a mistake had occurred and thought no more about it.

But for the next three days I was blocked from entering for the early morning prayers at the Villa.

By the third day, the security officers at the gate all of whom knew me well told me, ‘Honourable Minister Ma, I think you need to talk to the presidential aide, ‘they gave me the name of the aide and it was the same person who had asked me to restore the Cargo Tracking Note.

Then I understood.

When I called one of my prayer fellowship friends on phone, Mr. John Kenny Opara and told him about the situation, he said he would discuss this with the villa pastor and they will intercede on my behalf.

After going to the gate and not allowed in for the fourth time, I pushed the situation to the back of my mind and turned to the preparations for the upcoming visit to Nigeria of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Madame Christian Lagarde, on December 18-20, 2011.

My biggest preoccupation was to ensure that in the raging national debate about the phase out of oil subsidies, Madame Lagarde’s visit was not miscast by the media or anti-government forces as the IMF telling the government what to do on energy subsidies. Madame Lagarde, was equally concerned that her objectives be clearly understood as reviewing our macroeconomic and growth reform and offering encouragement and support.

The visit proceeded smoothly as Madame Lagarde met with members of the Economic Management Team, the Central Bank and other important bank officials. She was scheduled to meet with the president on the final day of her visit December 20.

There are usually many protocols and conventions to observe on high level visits especially when the visitor is accorded head of state’s status as Christine Lagarde was. One of these is for such dignitaries to enter the Villa for a meeting with the president through a gate designated for Heads of State only.

Because Madame Lagarde was to use this gate, I had asked my staff to double check and ensure all was in order and I was reassured that this was the case.

But when the motorcade reached this gate it was denied entry. Embarrassed, I tried to find out from the security guards what was going on; they said they had no instructions for her to use that gate. And we should proceed to the entrance reserved for state governors, certain designated ministers I was one of them and other dignitaries. We were already running late.

So I apologised to Madame Lagarde and told her there must be a mix up and asked the drivers to proceed to the other gate. When we got there we were again denied entry. By this time it was clear to me that there was no misunderstanding but that this was deliberate.

We were told to go back to the regular entrance used by everybody, park our car there and we will have to walk, five minutes down the villa corridors which were long and leading to the president’s meeting room.

Such treatment of such dignitary at the level of head of state was unheard of.

Christine, clever as she is had figured out something was wrong but she didn’t know what. She handled it all with gaits and elegance telling me she didn’t really care which gate she went through or how far she had to walk as long as we met with the president.

By this time we were about 10 minutes late. We eventually made it to the meeting. When the president enquired if everything was alright, she replied wittily, Mr. President there was a bit of a mix up about gates and we had to walk here. But it gave me the chance to see your beautiful Villa and its lovely gardens.

The President looked puzzled but smiled and started the meeting. I never shared with him or with Christine Lagarde what I thought had happened that day….