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When Police Attacked Peaceful Protesters, Trump Claimed to be Their Ally

Now This Politics has shared a video of Peaceful protesters in the wake of the broad daylight murder of George Floyd, in contrast to the violent attack of Wednesday 6th January 2021.

In this video, Trump called for backup to protect the police against unarmed citizens. After that, he walked over for his Photo Opportunity at the Church premises, seen holding a Christian Holy Bible which has been said, to be upside down.

When the police officers were overrun and attacked at Capitol High, by the Trump administration’s armed riot mob, who had previously described themselves as being “like the marines”, Trump called the “good people.” Four civilians died.

A white police officer also died in the line of duty, while defending the civil servants in the Capitol Hill Building, the seat of American Democracy. Watch the video. Please share. Leave comments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Video addresses Donald Trump in the wake of a Disgraceful Attack on US Capitol Hill

Great Speech by ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER about Capitol Hill Attack of 6 January 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger: former governor of California

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, businessman, retired professional bodybuilder and former politician who served as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. As of 2021, he is the most recent Republican governor of California.

The Presidents during his service were: George H. W. BushBill Clinton. His Education is listed by Wikipedia as Santa Monica CollegeUniversity of Wisconsin–Superior (BA) Wikipedia

Nigeria: “I DID NOT CHEAT ON MY HUSBAND” – Moyo Thomas, Wife of late Tunde Thomas, Speaks Out

There has been fury and several opinions in and by Nigerians across the world, regarding incidents of female infidelity. This particular case was wrought with so much speculation and misinformation.

Alleged Love Triangle. “I did not cheat on my husband” Moyo Thomas speaks up about the late Tunde Thomas (left).

There were claims that a husband commited suicide because his wife allegedly admited to cheating and getting pregnant for her boss at work who has now lost his job. Theres a full text of her statement on PM News Nigeria: https://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2021/01/09/it-is-falsehood-moyo-thomas-speaks-on-child-paternity-scandal-full-text/amp/

We came across this video where Moyo Thomas, the wife of the late Tunde Thomas, speaks to a Yoruba anchored TV station. Watch please and leave your comments.

EXPOSED: Capitol Hill Police KNEW the Mob was coming, according to FBI sources. Facebook Damage Report

Some of the cops at Capitol Hill were expecting the mob that overan America’s seat of Democracy on 6th January 2021. Some of them even, ushered the mob, who strolled casually in, into the premises. The gates were flung open for them, as seen in some trending videos.

This attitude presents itself in sharp contrast to the police response of use of force and brutality against PEACEFUL Protesters. Several times in 2020, Black Lives Matter groups protested to demand justice for George Floyd, killed by a cop kneeling on his neck, in broad daylight, and the killing and other blacks for no reason.

Police brutality, violence agaisnt blacks and the shear injustice within the system, has constantly been protested by the Black American community. The 45th President of America, Mr Donald Trump has serially called them Fascists “who want to take over our country”, claiming “we cannot let that happen”, in address to his supporters, while goading them severally, to civil unrest.

The world watched in horror, as the insurrection of the 6th January 2021, took place, causing great terror amonst civil servants working at the Capitol Hill Building, and so far, 4 deaths, including a police officer. This mob action, instigated by America’s own President, has been described as a Coup by home grown Terrorists, now referred to as Domestic Terrorists.

It should be made clear, that America touts itself as a Christian nation and teaches the world how Democracy should be run. Muslim countries watched along with other countries. This was not an Islamic Terror attack. This terror incident was carried out by White Supremacist Americans and KKK groups, who describe themselves as the “Proud Boys”.

It should be noted that, according to reports, more than 900 Hate Groups of KKK clubs were registered in 2019 and 2020 alone, leaving many people asking, why a nation of Evangelical Christians would spread so much hatred, against black people. There are lots of black people supporting these movements, whether they fully understand what they stand for or not, is a different matter.

Cuomo Interviews Dr Fauci about Covid19 Vaccines. Nigerian Opinion Journalist, Biyi Aboderin breaks it down

Covid-19 image: Pixabay
Fauci explanation to Cuomo raised more questions by viewers.

As viewers and listeners of Covid-19 News Updates on Social media attempt to understand, Mr Biyi Aboderin (Opinion Journalist and former employee of Punch Punch Newspapers Nigeria) has attempted to break it down into manageable language chunks.

The rationale is this –

  1. Only herd immunity can gradually deplete the pervasiveness of this virus. However, the fatality cost of herd immunity is simply too great. Millions will potentially die.
  2. Vaccination vastly increases the simulation of the disease in a great number of people. Thus , instead of waiting for 5 years , we may begin to see it’s back in 2 years. Unless it mutates too fast, then the whole mankind is fucked.
  3. Fortunately, vaccination mimics the action of the virus without actual infection. However, the advantage desirable from vaccination will only come with 70- 80 % vaccination of a given population, or better still the whole world. We are still a long way from that.
  4. The basic linguistic incompetence of the man being interviewed has not helped (people to understand his points). Most white people’s grasp of their own language is tenuous at best.
  • comments by
    Biyi Aboderin
  • 09 January 2021

George Nkencho: Protest outside garda station following Dublin shooting. Irish Examiner



The African Advocacy Network Ireland ( AANI ) is shocked to learn about the callous shooting dead of a young man George Nkencho 27 years in Clonee today.

The circumstances surrounding this killing of a mentally challenged youngman has enraged the African community and we demand an immediate suspension of the officer and full independent public inquiry.

We invite all members of the public to join in a peaceful protest in front of the Blancharstown Garda Station at 9am tomorrow 31st December to express our anger and disgust over this killing.

Please design a protest banner to express how you feel.

Wear a facemask, dress warm, share this notice,

We must reject racially motivated killings of Africans in Ireland. AANI. On behalf of the African Community.

The Irish Examiner reported the protest. Read the link below.


The Irish Mirror and other newspapers also reported on the protest, in the link below.

“Hundreds gather outside garda station to protest over death of George Nkencho”


Oprah Winfrey has sold Oprah Winfrey Network video by Black Knowledge Facebook

Oprah Winfrey no longer owns OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. Watch the video by Black Knowledge on Facebook.