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Watch this Expert Female Thief caught on Camera.

This one must have been stealing since she was in the womb. Expert thief, with baby on her back. “Thiefu Thiefu jankoroko”. As they say in Nigeria.

Covid-19 Risk of Blood clots: Regular Testing necessary as Canada and Germany suspend Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for under-60s

BBC News reports that Germany is suspending or limiting the use of Oxford-AstraZeneca for anyone under the age of 60 because of the risk of rare form of blood clots.

Injection image: Bigstock.

The Story Addict spoke with Mr Isaac Udotong, President of Covid Pass USA, regarding benefits of regular Covid Testing as an option for keeping people safe. According to Isaac regular testing is the way forward, while vaccines safety are being regularized.

Mr Isaac Udotong, President Covid19 Pass USA

“For example”, Isaac said, “Germany and Canada have just suspended use of Oxford-AstraZeneca because of some complications”. Mr Joseph Weber, the Covid Pass USA Chief Marketing Adviser on Covid-19 issues, said “It is risky to have bottlenecks in the health safety process. While we are working on issues regarding the vaccines, regular testing is the key. Our company is negotiating with major health stakeholders regarding regular testing. This is the way forward until the vaccines are fully ready.”

Joe Weber: Chief Marketing /Health Adviser Covid19 Pass

According to analysis by a BBC Health Correspondent, Nick Triggle, on the BBC website, German medicines regulator found 31 cases of a type of rare blood clot among the nearly 2.7 million people who had received the vaccine in Germany.

Canada had also, earlier suspended use of the AstraZeneca jab in people under 55.

AstraZeneca said international regulators had found the benefits of its jab, significantly outweighed the risks.

It said it was continuing to analyse its database to understand “whether these very rare cases of blood clots associated with thrombocytopenia occur any more commonly than would be expected naturally in a population of millions of people”.

“We will continue to work with German authorities to address any questions they may have,” it added.

The EU and UK medicine regulators both backed the vaccine after previous cautionary suspensions in Europe this month.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the UK Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency stressed that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine continued to outweigh the risk of side effects.

AstraZeneca’s product is one of the most widely used coronavirus vaccines in the West, and is meant to be supplied on a not-for-profit basis to the developing world.

The EU’s rollout of its vaccination programme has been dogged by delays because of delivery and production problems, and Germany is among several states now fearing a third wave of infections.

On Tuesday, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi and his wife, who are both 73, received their first doses of AstraZeneca in a display of confidence in the vaccine.

If you give a vaccine to millions of people you will of course see some cases of people falling seriously ill or even dying shortly afterwards. It does not mean the vaccine has caused the problem – it could have occurred naturally. What authorities have to work out is whether it is cause or coincidence.

They do this by monitoring adverse events after vaccination and see if they are above what you would normally expect. The type of blood clot that has been seen is very rare and so it is hard to know exactly how many cases you would normally expect to see. We do know it is more common in women and taking the pill increases the risk of it happening.

There is no evidence yet to prove the AstraZeneca vaccine increases the chances of these clots. But, even if it does, the next thing you have to take into account is whether Covid presents more of a danger.

Regulators in Europe and the UK are clear – given the current evidence – that use of the vaccine should continue in all ages.

What is Germany’s new policy?

Health Minister Jens Spahn and the 16 state health ministers decided to suspend routine use for the under-60s at an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

People under 60 can still receive the jab but only “at the discretion of doctors, and after individual risk analysis and thorough explanation”, according to a document seen by dpa news agency.

The decision was reached on the advice of the German vaccine committee (Stiko) which said: “After several consultations, Stiko, with the help of external experts, decided by a majority to recommend the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine only for persons aged 60 years and older on the basis of available data on the occurrence of rare but very severe thromboembolic side effects.”

Additional advice about booster shots would be issued by the end of April for younger persons who had already received a first dose of AstraZeneca, Stiko said.

Ahead of announcement, the German cities of Berlin and Munich, and the region of Brandenburg, halted use of the vaccine in people below the age of 60.

Germany was one of the European states which briefly suspended use of the AstraZeneca jab earlier this month pending an EMA review into the possible link to blood clots.

When the EMA declared the vaccine “safe and effective”, Germany and others resumed its use but investigations continued.

The German medicines regulator, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, has found 31 cases of cerebral sinus vein thrombosis (CSVT) among people who received AstraZeneca in Germany.

Almost all the cases are reportedly in younger and middle-aged women.

France already limits use of AstraZeneca to those aged over 55.

On Monday, Canada recommended immediately suspending the use of AstraZeneca in people aged below 55 following the reports of rare but potentially fatal blood clots in Europe, CBC reports.

There have been no reports of blood clots related to the jab in Canada itself, where 300,000 doses of AstraZeneca jabs have now been administered.

In the UK, five cases of CSVT – one of them fatal – have been recorded among 11 million people who received the vaccine.

Meghan and Harry are victims

Story Opinion: Could the world be witnessing some of the bullying and victimization of Princess Diana all over again?

Megan and Harry : Royal collection

One of UK’s frontline newspapers, The Independent, reports on the travails of Harry and his beautiful jewel wife, Meghan Markle, American actress and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan are innocent victims of power and wickedness in high places. If I were Meghan, I would speak up and speak out, otherwise she will lose so much in mental health.

It may be better to be an “ordinary” American actress, than to be a “Princess” in a sanitarium. Good mental health is all there is to life, and life is only for the living.

The Story Addict is keenly following developments.

#Diana #Crown #UnitedKingdom  #PrincessOfWales #Oprah #Winfrey #CBS #OprahWinfrey
#Megan #Markle #MeganMarkle
#PrinceHarry #Sussex #PrinceAndPrincess


The Story Addict will keep you updated with every new development as it unfolds.


WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND Issue of Biafra, Oduduwa and Fulani Nigeria

WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND: The issue of Biafra and Oduduwa versus Fulani and the so called One Nigeria. Olayinka Dixon-Oludaiye, President of the Ebony People Support Group in Ireland speaks about the prevailing and devastating outcomes of disunity between the Igbo and Yoruba.

Actual bloodied image of Nigerian flag during the 20 October 2020 EndSARS youth protests after Soldiers shot and killed protesters.

When the Igbo’s agitated bitterly for Biafra, the best thing that the Yoruba people in Nigeria should have done, was to step aside and allow the voices of the grossly disenfranchised Igbo people in Nigeria to be heard, because, as they say, “what goes around comes around.”

When people are enjoying life and are happy in their chosen location, they usually do not clamor for separation, nor do they complain. They stay in the place of their residence and flourish and prosper, in peace and harmony.

But, the Igbo in present (and past) Nigerian, have been serially marginalized, victimized and almost segregated. As a tribe, and many times, for no reason, they are abused, vilified and blamed for almost every and any thing that goes wrong in Nigeria.

They are almost always denied, more than most, opportunities to lead or progress where others get advantage or privilege, leaving them to employ (sometimes, seemingly) desperate moves, to be at par with their Yoruba counterparts, as if in a competition. But, the Igbo are a resilient people. They never stop even in the face of oppression or opposition. This victimization is what led to the renewed call and clamour for actualization of Biafra Nation.

There was a past Referendum conducted under the past Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) regime which was frustrated and later abandoned by the APC government led by ex governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu, which installed Muhammadu Buhari as President. In that exercise, Nigerians opted for a Restructuring of the Country and its resources to afford a fair distribution of economic resources to all regions.

When that move was jettisoned and the generality of the Igbo tribes drew the short straw, and Fulani began attacking the Eastern Nigeria, it was obvious to the Igbo that this is not a Nigeria they like to remain part of, hence the move and voiced reawakening of the call for Biafra as an autonomous Nation.

Many Nigerians live in the Diaspora. Many have fought against injustice, racism, and hardships, apart from enduring the harsh and hostile European weather. They sought to be accepted and accredited as contributors towards the economic development of the communities in which they find themselves. To a large extent, majority of Nigerians excel abroad than they would have done, if they remained in Nigeria.

Like every human race, there will always be the One or Two (certainly, a handful) in relation to the large numbers of law abiding individuals who relocate abroad, who carry out nefarious activities and contravene country laws. This is natural human expectation.

The same that can be said, for the large numbers of law abiding Nigerians living in overseas countries, can be applied to the Igbo across Nigeria.

VectorStock image of Nigerian flag ripped apartl in disunity

Like the Yoruba always say, “erú kan, níí mú ni bú igba erú” (Just one slave’s error, allows thousands of slaves to be insulted). Many of us Yorubas have a mixture of both wonderful and wicked Yoruba friends and family.

Guess what. Many Igbos also have, among them, that same mixture. Ask the British, you’ll hear the same story. The Irish..Other Europeans. The Australians. The Asians. Canadians. Let’s not forget, especially, the Americans…

The truth of this humanity is this. We must all learn not to debase a whole tribe, communuty, people, country, even religion, or profession, because of the foibles of the percentage of humans like them, who choose to follow the path of dishonor.

Everything in this life, is “Turn by Turn”. Eyi to ko iwaju si enikan, eyin lo ko si rlomiran… (if its facing someone, it means it has its back to others). Today, it is the turn of the Yoruba to face the bitter wrath of the marauding nomadic Fulani who have tormented the Igbo community for so long.

Many of us stood against injustice at the time, and shouted, cried, wrote plenty grammar, did videos…  The voices of Yoruba (and some Igbo) moneybag and bullion van politicians, chimed all the way to banks for their stooges for political and selfish reasons.

I don’t want to say that I haven’t heard the voices of Igbo leaders like Amaechi’s voice in a while. Thoseof them who stood agaisnt, even, their own people.. This life, ehn? “Èyìnkùlé l’òtá wà, ilé l’aseni ńgbé (the enemy lives outside the house in the backyard, the killer lives with you at home!”) A Yoruba proverb.

Has any other Yoruba person noticed the overall deafening silence of the Igbo in all of this fracas ongoing in Yoruba lands? Apart from a handful of those who choose to engage on Social Media with their friends, does anyone hear “pim” from majorityof the Igbo?

Unlike when the Igbo were being persecuted and attacked, left, right, and centre, the Igbos have been decidedly and charitably quiet, overall and in general.

I don’t see any Igbo person running endless, tasteless and tactless Video capaigns against Yorubas. Not one. (Correct me if I’m wrong). And if there is, he or she, must be the “Adeyinka of the Igbo race”.

The Igbos agitated for Self actualization. Not only did they not get the support of the Yoruba, they were not blocked, but insulted and spoken against, even ridiculed.

Àgbájo owó la fi nso aya o. (You put your fingers together to strike your chest)..  “Enikan kii je ‘awa de’.” (One person cannot say, “WE have arrived”)… There is, and has always been, strength in unity.

There are harsh “relationship” lessons to be learnt from both sides of the Igbo and Yoruba. And it’s this, “Together, We Stand.!! Divided, We Fall..!!”

What is going on in Southern Nigeria right now, should be an eye opener for both the Yoruba and the Igbo. What goes around, ultimately, does come around, dearly beloved people.

This is the same Racist wickedness, injustice and inhumanity the world witnessed in America in the last few months.

And just like the Fulani are empowered by the Fulani Dictator Buhari, racism was hightened to the highest levels against African Americans over the ages, with the racists who have been especially, embolded in the last few years.

In the long run, there are no winners of a disunited opposing force in the war against Tribalism, Sectionalism, Racism, or any other schism that ends with an “ism”. Only the oppressor wins.

The present development across Yorubaland and across Oduduwa (Kaaro Ojiire), is Dangerous, Unhealthy and Unhelpful to the survival of Yoruba existence as a people.

If you dont (or are unable to) see this disunity for what it is, then, you are part of the Yoruba Igbo problem to Self Actualization. What goes around comes around, truly, but United, we (can) stand. Divided, (we all, will surely) fall at the hands of our joint oppressors.

We all need to look inwards, to the level of racism that lies deep inside our hearts, lest we perish.

May the Lord shine His light and wisdom into the darkness around us in Nigeria.

Olayinka Dixon-Oludaiye is an Irish citizen, Nigeria born, Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. She is Author of How To Make Your Own Perfumes At Home, Opinion Journalist, Adult Vocational Achievement Assessor and Enthusiast Photographer.
A former part time College Lecturer,  Teacher, Trainer and Mentor for over 35 years, Olayinka’s career, vocation and work include:
* People Before Politics Advocacy.
* Advocacy Against Relationship Violence.
* Single Seniors Advocacy.
* First Aider for Suicide Prevention.
* First Aider for Mental Health
* First Aider for Psychological Health Care in Disaster intervention.
She is presently
* President: Ebony People Support Group (Ireland)
* President & Executive Director:
Women of Destiny Int’l Outreach.
* CEO: Omnibus Consultants Ltd.

She has founded, presided over, worked with and Chaired, numerous Community, Volunteer and Non-profit organizations and led initiatives that impacted Youth, Seniors, Adult Welfare, Women and Men groups, Adult vocational education and holistic wellbeing.

15 Feb 2021.


Lagos Nigeria: Sanwoolu orders Soldiers to prevent peaceful civilian EndSARs protest Friday 13 February 2021

Nigerian Soldiers are yet to prevail against General Muhammadu Buhari’s Fulani tribe Terrorists and Boko Haram Terrorists are called in today, to prevent peaceful civilian protests

Dateline: Friday 13 February 2021. That is today. And the soldiers are on the streets in large numbers TO PREVENT A PEACEFUL PROTEST against Police Brutality.

Nigerian Soldiers out to prevent peaceful protests against police brutality though yet to tackle Boko Haram and address the country’s insecurity issues under APC government of General Muhammadu Buhari.

The APC government of General Muhammadu Buhari, an elected (Agbada) democratic President, is renowned for its use of deadly force against civilians. It appears clear that the late Idi Amin of Uganda did not carry out as much atrocities against his own people, as General Buhari and his Niger Republic Fulani tribe has done, against Nigerians.

Nigerian Soldiers are killed by Fulani Herdsmen but they are called to peaceful protests where civilans end up killed.

Earlier today, the Nigerian army has been dispatched in its largest numbers to prevent a “Sòrò-Sókè Protest” against injustice planned for Today, Saturday 13 February 2021.

We recall the Lekki Toll Gate Killings of 20th October 2020, when the Nigerian youth organized a Peaceful Protest against Police Brutality by the SARS section of Nigerian Police. Hundreds of Youth were massacred in cold blood, while speaking on the podium. Their crime was that they Spoke Up against police brutality.

Lagos State Governor Sanwoolu dispatched soldiers to streets to prevent today’s planned protests.

Just as in the case of George Floyd, an American black huge man, choked to death under the knee of police officer Derek Chauvin, in broad daylight.

USA TODAY, reported on June 3, 2020, that new charges had been made in George Floyd’s death against Derek Chauvin who now faces second-degree murder. The three other officers who just stood by and allowed it to happen, were also charged. On May 29, Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with murder of George Floyd’s whose last words were “I can’t breathe”, as life was snuffed out of him under Derek’s knee. Derek appeared to be smiling into the cameras of bystanders who pleaded with him for mercy for George Floyd, till it was too late.

The Nigerian youth protests was called End SARS, to demand that the government bring an end to the SARS Police Brutality, but to reform the Police as a unit (hashtag #EndSARS, #ReformPoliceNG).. They called for reform of the police, with better salaries and improved conditions of service, in the hope that this will encourage police not to beg for money on the streets or attack, even kill, civilians.

#EndSARS was an advocacy, was an initiative that was first floated about 4 years ago, by Mr SEGUN AWOSANYA (popularly known as SEGA), who had worked tirelessly within the Nigerian communities to advise leadership on appropriate methods of engaging the youth as well as its employees.

The #EndSARS movement was later taken over by the youth who tagged it #SoroSoke meaning Speak Up.. The young people protested peacefully on the streets for more than twelve days, without incident, but we’re ambushed by government sponsored hoodlums who went on rampage and destroyed several public and private property, almost exactly as the world witnessed in America.

The protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on 20 October 2020, were ambushed and many were killed by soldiers invited by the Lagos State government of Governor Sanwoolu, who initially claimed he had no idea how soldiers were on the scene at the Toll Gate.

McOluoma Slaps Tinubu, Wants to be Lagos Governor with no Education

According to a trending vlog by Mama SOJ, things are not well with the self-styled Ashiwaju of Lagos, self styled “Jagaban” of APC politics. Watch the video for part of the trending gist…


According to information in the trending vlog by Nigeria Vlogger, Mama SOJ, McOluomo slapped his Paymaster, Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu (not his real name, according to the word of the street). Lagos politics is entering an exciting phase. Recently, is was said that the same McOluomo attacked Chief Sunday IGBOHO who has been a crusader to save the Yoruba people from the killings of the Fulani herdsmen.

McOluomo (left) and latest lady friend.

The Fulani are “brothers” and kinsmen to General Muhammadu Buhari, (the APC Nigerian President) who is also the Patron of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association, a private business sponsored by the president terrorising Southerners in Nigeria with deadly force.

Iya Ilorin about Social Media “Ghosts” and “Minitoring Spirits”|Yoruba Comedy


Nigerian comedian, Iya Ilorin, has released a funny yoruba video asking why some group members dont speak in the groups they are in. She says all they do is to act like “monitoring spirits” sneakily vetting other people’s posts, and then they inbox each other to gossip about the posts and post contributor.

She then says if they are not spirits, they should get involved in group activities by posting comments as well, in any of the groups they are in. The way she says it, is funnier that what she’s said.

“Iya Ilorin” Nigerian Comedian

Haiti May Break into Civil Unrest as President Moïse Refuses to Step Down


Many citizens are accusing the government of President Jovenel Moise of supporting gangs because he wants to remain in power. For that reason, Haiti appears to be about to explode as a constitutional crisis looms.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Poor people are attacking other poor people in Haiti. A lot of people are afraid to leave their homes. People are afraid to go shopping for groceries or to pay bus fares for fear of being seen as having money. Those seen with money, no matter how little, may attract the attention of gangs who might kidnap them.

Haiti schools were shut this February 2021, not due to Covid-19, but to protect the teachers and students from being kidnapped for ransom. This is an epidemic which started trending in Haiti one year ago. Kidnappers have no particular favourites. They kidnap children of struggling street sellers, priests or pastors, and even nuns. In order to pay the ransoms to free their classmates any of the students have taken to organising fund-raisers.

Citizens will experience greater hardship as Haiti continues on this path to a constitutional crisis.

The opposition party called for President Jovenel Moïse to step down. They say his five-year term ended on Sunday 7 February 2021. The president, however, is refusing to step down, claiming that there was an interim government in place, in the first year of his five-year term, which technically means he has an extra year.

Mr. Moïse, on Sunday 7 February, gave a one hour speech in defiance, during which he heaped scorn on his detractors. In his speech, Moise claimed, “I am not a dictator”, and went further to state, “my term ends Feb. 7, 2022.”

Source: NY Times. Image: screenshot from the NYT article. Credit: photographer

ABUJA: Monarch injured in host communities Fight at Petroleum Industry Bill hearing held at House of Reps


ABUJA: Confusion As Host Communities Fight At House Of Reps PIB Public Hearing

There was confusion on Thursday at the venue of the public hearing on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) as members of host communities broke into a fight.

Host Community member beating and injuring Monarch at the PIB Hearing held in the Abuja House of Reps. Image: The Nation Online
Nasty Fight of Host Communities at House of Rep PIB Hearing. 28 Jan 2021.. Video: Channels TV

The fight broke out when the host communities of Nigeria producing oil and gas were called to the podium to make a presentation at the public hearing which was held at the House of Representatives in the National Assembly Complex.

According to Tony Akowe and Nicholas Kalu, reporting from Abuja, for The Nation Online, Nigeria

Some delegates of oil-producing communities openly engaged in free-for-all during the public hearing on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) by the House of Representatives Adhoc Committee on the proposed oil law.

It was believed that the bone of contention on Thursday was the percentage of income or equity that oil companies should devote as the contribution to a trust fund for the development of their host communities.

The bill proposes 2.5 percent oil firms income/equity but the host communities, under the aegis of Host Communities of Nigeria Producing Oil and Gas (HostCom), are demanding 10 percent.

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, last week insisted that 2.5 percent was fair for the oil-bearing communities.

Trouble started when the Ad- Committee Chairman, Mohammed Tahir Mongunu called one of the groups to first make its presentation.

Mongunu had earlier announced that others would  make theirs after the first group   but many of those present who, apparently misunderstood him,  started shouting “No!, No!, No!.”

The shouting match led to a row that degenerated into fighting with some representatives telling the speaker of the first group that he was “not going anywhere.”

However, when frayed nerves were calmed, the representative of the first group began his   presentation but HOSCOM President, Chief Benjamin Tamaranebi, pounced a traditional ruler whose identity could not be ascertained as at the time of this report.

The monarch who is probably in his 60s was left with a bloodied nose

Policemen had to be drafted to the venue to keep the peace after the confusion that lasted about 10 minutes.

The hearing thereafter continued with the committee adopting the presentations of the host communities.

Tamaranebi later confirmed that the fight was because of disagreement over what the host communities should be entitled to  in the stake of   oil firms operating in their areas.

He said: “When Niger Deltans gather, everything is bound to happen. All we are agitating for is 10 percent equity. We all agreed on that. The fight is because of 10 percent equity.  So, we are not fighting because of any other thing. The fight you saw there was in agreement with 10 percent equity.”

“We are here for the public hearing on behalf of Host Communities of Nigeria Producing Oil and Gas (HOSCOM). I am the president of HOSCOM. And all that we are asking for and all that we are here for is nothing more than 10 percent equity shareholding.

“We vehemently go against 2.5 percent operating cost. That is a trick. So, we want to be part and parcel of it. Let us be shareholders in the industry. That will guarantee security in our local communities that are producing oil and gas.

Read Also: VIDEO: Host communities fight during Reps PIB public hearing

“If they give us 10 percent shareholding, that equity will guarantee that no one will spill any oil or vandalise any pipeline. But whatever thing that gets missing, the communities will be missing as well. I want to agree on the 10 percent equity shareholding for the host communities. That will guarantee security in the region as well as oil and gas industry in Nigeria.”

One of the traditional rulers,Chief Monday Whiskey, described the fracas as the hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob. He said it was obvious that those who started the fight were out to scuttle the ambition of Niger Delta people.

His words: “When we are to make presentations that will better a lot of our people, some undesirable elements will be sponsored to go against the will of the people.

“What you saw is the hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob. From the aggressiveness he displayed there, you will know that he intentionally did what he did. A man was seated and you went to fight him. As a traditional ruler, I will not want to make further comment on that.”

A spokesperson for the CSOs, Botti Isaac, also said the PIB will not protect the host communities as it leaves them at the mery of the oil companies.

Isaac also said that the bill, when passed and signed into law, will promote confusion in the Niger Delta and further expose the communities to environmental degradation and untold hardship.

He accused the National Assembly of not allowing a fair and adequate opportunity for vulnerable stakeholders in the region to have a say in the processes towards passing the PIB.

He said “we believe that a new set of laws are necessary to govern the petroleum industry in Nigeria. However, the PIB’s proposals, as it is, would promote environmental impunity in the oil industry and exacerbate social dislocation in the oil-bearing communities in the Niger Delta.

“on Tuesday, January 26 2021, representatives of oil-bearing communities and civil society organisations from the Niger Delta were denied the right to participate in so-called Public Hearings organised by the Senate.”

“As the Petroleum Industry Bill is critical to the functionality of the oil and gas sector and the Nigerian economy, it is of utmost importance that all stakeholders are treated equally and accorded the same opportunity to discuss its contents and proposal.”

An official of one of the CSOs known as “We the People”, Ken Henshaw, accused the Ad- committee of being responsible for the fracas.

Mongunu said the committee members planned to physically visit the host communities to see things for themselves, adding that “when we visit your communities, you will have the opportunity to make your detailed presentation”.

Minister of State for Finance, Budget and National Planning, Clement Agba,  said the Ministry will engage officials of the petroleum sector to harmonise government views on certain areas of the bill  “where we see some rooms for improvement.”

He said: “So as one government when we are through, we will be giving you our memorandum. We are moving in the right direction with the PIB. But it is important that as much as we want to protect today’s revenue we should look at sustainability.

“We should look at how revenue streams will continue to flow over the years and these are areas that from the Ministry of Finance that are looking at because we don’t want to get all the money today and lose tomorrow’s money.”

Chairman Revenue Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Elias Mbam said the commission supports fully, the aims and objectives of this bill.

But he expressed concern that the proposed law did not make reasonable provision for the inflow of revenue to the federation on a monthly basis.

Mbam said “If we have NNPC Limited that is talking about dividends which may come once a year, how we guarantee a continuous inflow of revenue monthly into the Federation Account.

“Secondly, we are aware that all revenue from Hydrocarbons are a revenue item of the Federation Account but where taxes are deducted from Hydrocarbon revenue, it is the same thing as encroaching on the Federation Account. So we expect that the Bill should not be to the disadvantage of monthly revenue to the Federation Account.

“On the host community funds, the commission is totally in support of the establishment of community funds. Our concern is the source of the fund. There is subsisting law that has provided 13 percent derivation fund to address issues that are related to community funding. We feel that source of the fund should be from that 13 percent.”

He  however said that 40 percent of the derivation fund should be reserved for the development of the host communities, while the balance of 60 percent should go to the oil producing states.

Mbam was shouted down by the host communities.

Monarch injured in host communities free-for-all at PIB hearing

Coronavirus alejo lo je o by Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey


Coronavirus Unwanted Guest
by Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey (in Yoruba language)