The African Advocacy Network Ireland ( AANI ) is shocked to learn about the callous shooting dead of a young man George Nkencho 27 years in Clonee today.

The circumstances surrounding this killing of a mentally challenged youngman has enraged the African community and we demand an immediate suspension of the officer and full independent public inquiry.

We invite all members of the public to join in a peaceful protest in front of the Blancharstown Garda Station at 9am tomorrow 31st December to express our anger and disgust over this killing.

Please design a protest banner to express how you feel.

Wear a facemask, dress warm, share this notice,

We must reject racially motivated killings of Africans in Ireland. AANI. On behalf of the African Community.

The Irish Examiner reported the protest. Read the link below.

The Irish Mirror and other newspapers also reported on the protest, in the link below.

“Hundreds gather outside garda station to protest over death of George Nkencho”


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