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Fauci explanation to Cuomo raised more questions by viewers.

As viewers and listeners of Covid-19 News Updates on Social media attempt to understand, Mr Biyi Aboderin (Opinion Journalist and former employee of Punch Punch Newspapers Nigeria) has attempted to break it down into manageable language chunks.

The rationale is this –

  1. Only herd immunity can gradually deplete the pervasiveness of this virus. However, the fatality cost of herd immunity is simply too great. Millions will potentially die.
  2. Vaccination vastly increases the simulation of the disease in a great number of people. Thus , instead of waiting for 5 years , we may begin to see it’s back in 2 years. Unless it mutates too fast, then the whole mankind is fucked.
  3. Fortunately, vaccination mimics the action of the virus without actual infection. However, the advantage desirable from vaccination will only come with 70- 80 % vaccination of a given population, or better still the whole world. We are still a long way from that.
  4. The basic linguistic incompetence of the man being interviewed has not helped (people to understand his points). Most white people’s grasp of their own language is tenuous at best.
  • comments by
    Biyi Aboderin
  • 09 January 2021


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