Here are some tips on where to avoid when searching for safe parking spots.

Dangerous parking: Cifax

Make sure you always park your vehicle safely. Walk a few more meters rather than cause a crash.

1. You must not always park where you see “NO PARKING’’ sign.

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2. You must not park where your vehicle will obstruct the views of other road users or constitute danger to them.

For instance, avoid parking near the following places;

a. Road junctions

b. Bends or corners

c. Brow or crest of a hill

d. Narrow bridge Level crossing

e. Pedestrians crossing or on either side of a crossing

f. 15 meters to emergency entrances/exits. 

For example:

  * Hospitals, Road side clinics, 

  * Road Safety Offices, 

  * Police stations, 

  * Fire Service stations and Fire hydrants

  * Entrances of Markets, Schools and private residences.

  * Footpath, pavement or cycle path.

  * Left hand side of the road at night (except in a one-way street).

 * On flyover, in tunnels or in underpasses.

*  On expressways (except on the hard shoulder in an emergency).

*  Where you will make the road narrow.

* Opposite another parked vehicle if this would narrow the road to less than the width of two vehicles (double parking).

” Near road construction works.



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