RIP…. So, this young man was shot by Irish police, just one day to end of this stressed up year…

George Nkencho, who was shot in Dublin Ireland by officers of An Gardai Siochiana

Yesterday, 30th December 2020, this young man, George Nkencho, was extrajudicially killed in Dublin by an officer of the Irish Police (An Garda Siochana).

Apparently, he displayed a Knife.
Threatened Gardai with the knife.
Then, he went home………..

They caught up with him at home.
And…… they shot him….. dead!!

For, whatever the reason was…
That’s the story

Let me explain why Nigerians, Africans, in Ireland are pained….

In Ireland, we DO NOT have Police Officers…… No. We don’t.

Our Ireland Republic is the Island of a thousand welcomes.
The majority of Irish people of Ireland are a friendly people. Welcoming and kind, overall.

An Garda Siochana: Republic of Ireland’s “Guardians of the Peace”.
Image: Wikipedia

So, we have NO police. We even have community uniformed officers who are church members, friendly, that we liaise with for community cohesion ….

Integration is the bedrock of the Irish society….

What we have are GUARDIANS OF THE PEACE of the State…

An Gardai Siochana means, in short, “Guardian of the Peace”…


How is it possible to discharge as much as ONE deathly Firearm, in State that upholds Peace, at Tax Payers’ expense…. worst still, in a person’s home, and kill him, right there, in front of his parents..

Death…, right there, at his own doorstep…

A knife wielding youth, African.
Against Many gun carrying, trained, uniformed officers.

How? How could this happen??

Painful also, is that, the young man, my have Mental Health issues…

How do we tell that family “Happy New Year”, when their pain just started again..? Hmmmm.

Ebony People Support Group


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