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Female Nigeria Soldier Mamman H Assualts Disabled Man Video

Female Nigeria Soldier Mamman H Assualts Disabled Man Video

Thursday 3rd December 2020. A video received by The Story Addict Media showing a lady fully kitted in Nigerian Army uniform, badge name Mamman H., presumably, a Combat Corporal, (by the insignia on her chest), has gone viral on social media. 

Corporal Mamman H., (or Hamman), female Nigerian Soldier Slapping the disabled victim Dec 2020 viral video

The video shows Officer Mamman assaulting a disabled man on crutches by slapping him three times on the morning of Wednesday 2nd December 2020, as she had waylaid him to issue the punishment. According to news and video presently trending on Facebook and other social media. A comment on Social Media which has now been deleted, claims that the female officers are usually more vicious, wicked and evil than their male counterparts, who are also, frequently discompassionate.

Female Officer Mamman H. that assaulted a disabled male victim

The Story Addict (FB, IG, and Twitter @01storyaddict) made contact with the victim, Mr Olumuyiwa Adedeji, who appeared sounded very distressed and traumatized at his unfortunate ordeal when he recounted his experience today Thursday 3rd December 2020.

The 43 year old Adedeji, a married Accountant and Pastor, although physically challenged, is able to drive without the use of aids. This is very common with many physically challenged people, based on their health status. Olumuyiwa had his four (4) children in the car, without his wife, as he stepped out, hoping to speak with the officer, when he was suddenly assaulted.

Mr Olumuyiwa Adedeji on crutches

It is not clear what would have happened, had his wife been present, as, according to him, the officer ambushed him along with some of her accomplices, who refrained from participating in the brutality, once they realised there was an ongoing video recording in progress.

The victim told The Story Addict that he had reported the incident at the police station but was advised to go to the Military Police. “The Military Police at Mokola Station, Ibadan, claimed they don’t know her”, said Mr Adedeji.

Below is the account of the Mr Adedeji in his own words as copied from social media.

“I was beaten up by this military woman this morning… (Thursday 3 December 2020)

My offence was that her child (aged about 6 years old) ran in front of our moving vehicle but was not touched.
I got out of the car to warn the child not to run in front of a moving vehicle again..
That happened yesterday.. (Wednesday 2 December 2020).

This morning, this military woman waylaid me in front of the school, Josabig Nursery and Primary School Oke Itunnu, Mokola Ibadan.. She and another woman with 3 other men slapped (me) severally. We couldn’t do much, myself and only the children in the vehicle..

On our way back, she was fully kitted in Nigeria Army Uniform as seen below, I knew a foul play will happen told my daughter to start recording, she started beating me again as seen in the attached video. Her accomplices wanted to join until they realised they were been recorded..

I am currently on my way to Letmack Barracks Mokola (Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria), to lodge a formal complaint..

For the avoidance of doubt I am a physically challenged man. On crutches.

Text culled from RantHQ Extention. https://m.facebook.com/groups/157878258376995/permalink/832790627552418/

The Story Addict has not been able to reach the officer, the police station, or the military police for any alternative version to the story.


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