They Are Blaming The Dead For Dying!

Everything seems to be Everywhere!
Yet nothing good is seen Anywhere!
And that’s the reason why we should always beware up Here!
Of promises of some changes that’ll take you nowhere but deep down There!!

Haven’t the Service Chiefs lost the Game?
Is the President only interested and content to be addressed by just that “High Sounding Name”?
While his Service Chiefs continue to weaken the resolve of their battle-weary warriors and make them Lame?

Is it only about keeping your kith and kin in power while the nation burns, as you seek for more Fortune and more Fame?

Now they are turning around to blame the hideously slain poor Farmers!!
Claiming they didn’t have military clearance to go farming while rubbishing the fact that they were killed like “Namas”!!

These avoidable deaths included whole families of Fathers, Children and their Mamas!!
Yet, instead of doing the needful, the government of the day is busy playing games of deluded Lamas!

Is the current Nigerian Federal Government really sincere about this war against Insurgency? Is the problem that of lack of political will or outright Inefficiency?

Or can it be attributed to a deliberate attempt by the Oligarchy to create a favourable tool of political Exigency…
To fulfill some premeditated hidden agenda as a result of a strategically engineered impeding Insolvency???

Culled from
Pambalistic Musings (c)
By Myke Pam, Dec 2020.



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