Home Inside Life YOUR AGE IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Watch this 99 Year Old Yoga Teacher.

YOUR AGE IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Watch this 99 Year Old Yoga Teacher.

YOUR AGE IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Watch this 99 Year Old Yoga Teacher.

THEY SAY, “LIFE, IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT”. Your AGE is NOT YOUR PROBLEM! 99 year old Yoga Teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch, has “so much to do in life, and does not intend to waste it. What have you to say to that?

Aged 99+, meet the world’s oldest Yoga Teacher! Meet Tao Porchon-Lynch.

99 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch, world’s oldest Yoga Teacher. Credit: People, and Cooking Lights FB page

Noone is “out to ‘get’ you!” Just do what you have to do, for those you must do, when you have to do, how you must do, where it should be done, because it must be done!

Now, tell me again that YOU are “old!” But, I dont want to hear it. Tell me your challenges. And I say, FIND A WAY around them.

Money is not limiting you. FIND something  to do that will serve as a “bridge” for you to your desired goals… Something legitimate that will earn you money, even if it’s not your ideal. Even if it’s for a year, it wont kill you.

Will friends and family laugh at you for doing jobs that are classed as being “beneath you?” SURE… But it’s not their “reality”. At least, you wont go with a begging bowl, asking for food or alms. You will earn your “decent dollar”, and protect your dignity.

We know of many medical doctors who left their countries as Senior Practitioners. Once you relocate, you’re on a different turf. All your qualifications may not buy you a cone of icecream if you’re not wise and careful.

Many of those Doctors had to retrain, (UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada etc), but had to work as Care Assistants or Research Assistants to earn income that was far beneath them, till they pass their exams in the new country. Many failed, several times before they passed. Many attempted exams of different countries in order to have options to choose from.

Is Time your problem? No, it’s not. We all have the same 24 hour days, 7 day weeks, 12 months, 365 day year. So, what’s your excuse?

STOP LOOKING AT YOUR NEIGHBORS. You were not born on the same day by the same father in the same place under the same circumstances. 

Stop limiting yourself. Dont write yourself off.. Even if others have written you off, why must you agree with them?. Don’t self sabotage. Give yourself some credit.

We found this video on the Cooking Lights Facebook page, and believe you must see this. She was interviewed by People. Watch. Make a plan. And if you need to change your life, we will send you in the right direction. But, you no longer have an excuse. That’s for sure. Act now.


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