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Kamala Harris a Woman of Destiny

Kamala Harris a Woman of Destiny


We congratulate the Vice President Elect of the USA, Kamala Harris, on many fronts.

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris (far right with Meena’s older daughter) with her niece (Meena) and Meena’s spouse, Nikola Ajagu (middle), with Nikola and Meena’s two young daughters). Public Image.

Kamala is a married woman, and a Senator of the United States of America. A great and outspoken fighter for justice.

Many of us supported the President Elect, Joe Biden, because we do not like the INJUSTICE that has been happening to migrants and especially able bodied Black Men in America. Not for politics, although those entrenched in politics will always see a black and white divide in political correctness.

When he selected Kamala Harris as his running mate, little did many of us know that this American Vice Presidency would land on our doorstep, as Nigerians. This is how GOD decided to bring honour to the hardworking, educated, well meaning, justice minded people of Nigeria, and the outgoing President’s favourite “Shithole”..

Taken from the Twitter page of Chuks Akunna.

Kamala is shown here, with her Nigerian niece, Meena Harris and Meena’s spouse, Nikola Ajagu and their two daughters.

Nikola Ajagu is a Nigerian born American of Igbo extraction and beloved spouse to Meena Harris. Together, they have two daughters and a very happy home. The two young people are both professionals and Meena runs charity organizations. The two lovebirds at Facebook where they both work.

Meena Harris and her Spouse, Nikola Ajagu (Image belongs to Meena, Twitter)
Meena and Nikola

Sometimes, I realize now, when you fight for the Justice that others DESERVE, you are actually fighting in your own corner.

Meena and her family. From Meena’s post on Twitter

Personally, I’m glad this has paid off. For Kamala. Nothing and nobody in this world can stop a God designed Historic moment no matter how hard they try.

God’s hand cannot be swayed by mans evil, unless He has other plans. Not even the terrible “Bad Belle” of our Nigerian Name-Calling, of this very beautiful, hardworking, highly industrious and educated female, could stop what God had decided to do. Those who do not fear God, have a lot to learn from this experience. GOD WILL DO AS HE PLEASES. As we examine this Landmark Moment by God’s hands, we see what God has done for hardworking CAREER WOMEN everywhere in the world. Kamala has shattered this glass ceiling.

  • The first migrant to be Vice President of America.
  • The first female to be Vice President of America.
  • The first Woman with a Black extended family to hold the second highest office in the land of the FREE.
  • The first Migrant Female Senator to be elected to the Office of the Vice President of America.

I could go on, because this unique lady, warm hearted, and feisty, has Credentials as long as some people may never have enough time to read.

She is qualified to be in the white house. Male Chauvinism and foul mouthed ignorant, expired Nigerian politicians, and nonentities can not color her personality by their “Jezebel” label. Many men attempt to degrade a Career Woman that they wish they could keep at home, subservient and unachieving. If Kamala is a Jezebel, every hardworking career woman is also one. People should move on with their hidden personal agenda. It has not worked and God has proved His Majesty and Preeminence once again.

CONGRATULATIONS TO JOE BIDEN the President elect, and to KAMALA HARRIS, the Vice President elect of America, November 2020. Come 12pm (midday) on 20th January 2021, America will celebrate according to the tradition of their revered constitution. This is the beauty of Democracy from the greatest country in the world.

The Bible tells us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice. Mourn with those who mourn”. (Romans 12:15).

Political campaign is over. May God bless America. Our prayer is that the evil injustice and killings, the racism and ignorance ravaging America presently, will subside. It is our hope that people can be free to live their lives again, even if they now know who their enemies are.

The Lord is on his throne. Let the earth be silent before Him who is called Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and the End of all things. Amen.

By Yinka Dixon-Oludaiye (The Story Addict)


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